Small town family passionate about creating more beauty in this world

John and Madeline met at Emperor Norton's Boozeland in San Francisco in 2014 while Madeline was working at Alcatraz and John was working as a bartender at Zeitgiest. They quickly hit it off when talking about their shared interest in art history, particularly the Italian Renaissance period, and the rest was history (pun intended).  

They now call North Bend, WA their home, where they are raising their two beautiful children Jack and Zahava. 


John has been blowing glass for over 20 years. He fell in love with the art form while visiting a friend's glass shop in 2000. At the time he was working as a blacksmith, taking months to create a single finished piece, and when he saw that he could create a beautiful piece of art full of vibrant colors and intricate designs in 45 minutes he was forever hooked. 



Madeline runs the technical and business side of things and is the family "manager" as John likes to call it. She works hard to make sure that everything runs efficiently and effectively. With a background in art, history, environmental science, and education, you can sometimes see her influences in John's art.